Tatra Banka Nové Zámky

Tatra Banka Nové Zámky
Petőfiho 3
940 53 Nové Zámky
Nitriansky Kraj
02/6866 1000
035/6404 105
aktualizované viac ako 6 mesiaci dozadu


Tatra banka is currently the third largest and has been for long the most efficient bank in Slovakia. It has an ambition to belong to the leaders of the Slovak banking business. This is also the reason why Tatra banka formulated the Mission, Vision, and Values program, allowing the bank to prepare another strategy, to go forward, and to meet the principal objectives.
Every year, Tatra banka maintains its leader´s position in many areas, which is confirmed also by prestigious international awards. The natural aim of the bank is to achieve continuous growth of financial indicators and increased production rate combined with rationalization and strict control of operational costs.
The bank has been regularly rated by Moody`s Investors Service, the international rating agency. The Tatra banka´s headquarters is based in Bratislava, Hodžovo námestie.

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  1. Petőfiho 3
    940 53  Nové Zámky
  2. Bratislavská Cesta
    962 06  Komárno
  3. Pohraničná 21
    945 01  Komárno
  4. Hlavná 17
    952 01  Vráble
  5. Hlavná 2140/14
    927 01  Šaľa